setsuna (tecchinvie) wrote,

[NEX] NTV Best Artist 2012.11.28 NEWS talk

Hi everyone... *appears from behind Tego's back*
Finally I got back to life... I mean, fandom life after being tortured in graduate school for 2 years orz
But I can't promise that our subbing group NEWS Express (newsnexexpress) can be active again in near future, so I guess I'll post my personal subbing works here. I also bring another bad news & good news...

The bad news is, imageshack will only allow its free users to keep 500 most recent images, unless we upgrade into premium users. The deadline is Dec 1 (fu*kin tomorrow!) and I just found out about this now orz.. So I have no time to save the old images (which mostly belong to NEWS Express LJ). I also have no time to contact my friend to borrow his Paypal account to buy the premium account at Imageshack. This is my mistake, so sorry... I should've checked it earlier.

Now comes the good news! Our lovely translator rimizu(Mimi-chan) will get married on Dec 9 ^o^
My fellow ero-hime and koneko-chan finally found her own Tego-nyan!
I expect that she'll be busy with her new life, but I hope she'll still be available to sub again.
Ijou desu~~~ Now you can start downloading LOL


Raw: appleetea
Translation, timing, encoding, uploading: me
Length: 01:39
Resolution: 720 x 480
Size: 25.2 MB
DL links: MF | 4S
Note: I'm not a professional translator.

Tags: news, subbed video
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